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Each team name and logo is subject to approval by the league. When selecting a team name and logo, captains/team representatives should ensure that they are in good taste; they do not contain any profanity; they do not contain a person's real name, unless that person is also a participant on the team or has provided written permission to the captain. If a "play on words" is used: it is not offensive to any religion, gender, ethnic background or sexual orientation; that switching of letters does not spell an offensive or profane word; the play on words has some relevance to the sport.

Teams are encouraged to seek guidance from the league where they are ordering team uniforms with the team name or logo, if they have any concern about the permissibility of the name/logo. Uniforms that are deemed offensive will not be permitted to be worn and any cost for those uniforms will be the sole responsibility of the team.

Recommended Logo Specifications
- max 100MB filesize (required)
- square dimensions
- tightly cropped
- at least 500px x 500px
- transparent PNG or GIF, PDF, AI or EPS format

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