Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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The final rosters and league schedule will be posted to the league webpage and emailed to all registered players about one week before the league starts.
There are no practices, only games once a week.
We typically assign free agents and release the final rosters about a week prior to the league start date.
Jerseys will be handed out at the field by the league staff at your first game. Please check in with the staff at the field to receive your jersey.
Yes, as long as all of the players in your group are registered prior to the registration deadline, we are usually able to place everyone together on the same team. Please be sure to include your friends’ name(s) in the registration form under the box labeled ‘Friends’ when signing up so we know to place you on the same team. If you have 8 or more players joining your group, we encourage you to enter your team name to help keep everyone organized. This can be done on the league page, by submitting a team request. Find a league near you here:
Please submit your team name so we can add it to the online registration form. This can be done on the league page. Find a league near you here: Once your team name has been added, the players on your team will be able to select your team from a drop down menu in the registration form.
Team sizes vary based on the season and location. In our field leagues, teams typically carry a minimum of 20 players. For our box leagues, teams typically carry a minimum of 15 players.
For groups with 8 or more players, we encourage you to submit your team name to the site to ensure you and your friends remain together. Your group will be combined with another partial team and/or free agents in order to fill out the roster.
The age requirement for our men’s and women’s leagues is 18 years or older; however, we allow younger players to join on a case by case basis with parent/guardian permission - ie the minor player’s parent/guardian will need to complete the online registration form. (link to registration form) Players joining our high school leagues must be under 18 years of age and/or enrolled in high school. We allow younger players to join on a case by case basis with parent/guardian permission.
Players of all abilities are welcome to join. Most, if not all, players have at least some previous playing experience. We strongly encourage beginners to practice your stick skills by playing ‘wall ball’ or throwing and catching with a friend prior to your first game. We also encourage you to come out to watch a game before signing up so you can see what it is all about.
We cannot share contact information due to our privacy policy. If you would like to get in touch with your team, we can send an email out on your behalf. For more information, please see our privacy policy.
For our adult leagues, the skill level runs the gamut from players who played in high school to others who play(ed) in college. For our youth leagues, we see a good mix of experience from beginners to varsity level players.
We do not offer a prorated fee for league or tournament play so all players have to sign up for the full season. We set the pricing with the understanding that most, if not all, players will miss a game or two. That said, if other teams are ever light on numbers, you may be able to fill in for them assuming the captains agree.
You can find all of the equipment requirements on the USA Lacrosse website. The equipment requirements are regularly being modified so it is your responsibility as a player (and parent/guardian of a player) to ensure that you have the correct equipment.
All players must pay via PayPal to complete registration, however, you do not need a PayPal account to do so, just have a Debit / Credit card ready when registering.
ULAX games are played rain or shine. Only the presence of severe weather (e.g., thunderstorms) and/or unsafe field conditions will result in a postponement and/or cancellation. If games are postponed/canceled, we will send out a league wide email to all registered players, notifying them of the postponement/cancellation.
We encourage you to attempt registration online even if the site says registration is closed. If there are any remaining spots in the league, you will still be allowed to register and likely placed with a team. If attempting to register and the form is inactive, this means registration has closed for the season and that all teams are at capacity. If we are unable to place you with a team, you will receive a full refund.
We have a no refund policy, which can be found in detail here. We do occasionally make exceptions for injury/medical related withdrawals by providing a prorated credit (must provide doctor’s note). REFUND POLICY: No refunds. In case we have to cancel the season due to extenuating circumstances (e.g., inclement weather, state restrictions etc.), we will provide a prorated credit based on the number of games played. No credits will be issued after half of the regular season games have been played.
DEFAULT FORFEITS: If either (or both) team(s) does (do) not have the requisite number of players at the beginning of the game (e.g., 10 for men, 12 for women (for full field leagues)), the team captains or other representatives will meet and confer to determine whether the game will count towards the league standings. Specifically, the team captains/ representatives can agree to play the scheduled game in a different format (e.g., 5v5, 6v6, 7v7 with flipped cages) and have the game count towards the league standings. If an agreement is not reached, the team that has more players will be given a 1-0 default forfeit victory and the teams will play an exhibition scrimmage with the players that are present. If a team forfeits two or more games throughout the course of a season, that team will be disqualified from playing in the playoffs in that particular season.
League photos can be found on the league page and on our social media pages.
We do not offer carpooling service and unfortunately have no way to guarantee that we'll be able to set up a ride to/from the field. The league can send out an email to your teammates once you've been placed on a team (about a week before the league starts) but, of course, there are no guarantees anyone will be able to help so please have an alternative plan if you decide to join.
Fighting will not be tolerated. Game ejections will be handled by the officials and left to their discretion. Extended league suspensions are handled by the ULAX front office.
Teams are ranked based on a point system - two points for a win, one point for a tie, and zero points for a loss. Teams that have the same number of points are then ranked based on goals for/goals against differential. See the About ULAX section for more information.
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